Aerospace Development

Earth from space

Supporting Aerospace Development and High-tech Careers in Hawaiʻi

We build and invest in long-term aerospace development projects to bring more job opportunities and revenue to the State of Hawaiʻi. The Islands’ geographic location and geological makeup offer unique opportunities for high-tech, high-salaried jobs in aerospace. We envision research and development to fuel industries and products that benefit sustainability on Earth while advancing space exploration. Learn more in our aerospace whitepaper compiled in collaboration with the Hawai’i Space Flight Laboratory.

planetary analog site on Hawaii island.

Planetary Analog Test Sites

Facilitating access to high-fidelity lunar and Mars analog sites in Hawaiʻi

planetary rover at analog test site

Planetary Robotics

Developing planetary robotics as testing platform for space technologies

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in flight

Aerospace Opportunities

Cultivating opportunities to diversify and bolster Hawaiʻi’s economy