Space & Science Summer Camp

Are you a Hawaiʻi high school woman who is interested in space exploration, astronomy, or other STEM-related fields? Does the possibility of working in one of these areas pique your interest? If so, STARS (STEM Aerospace Research Scholars) may be for you! STARS is a summer space and science camp designed to introduce you to a variety of STEM careers and the women who work in them. Participants meet inspiring women and like-minded peers, learn through hands-on activities and tours, and explore exciting possibilities for their future. 

2023 STARS Program

Applications are now open for the 2023 STARS program! Apply now using the link below. 


  • Program Dates: July 10 – 14
  • Location: Big Island of Hawaiʻi
  • Cost: Free
  • Eligibility: Hawaiʻi high school girls, ages 14 +
robotics student in STARS program

The STARS Mission

Women make up half of Hawaiʻi’s population, but only 25% work in STEM fields. According to a report by Million Women Mentors: “Women have lower self-confidence in their STEM abilities than men do, even when they perform at the same achievement levels as men. This lack of confidence can undermine their performance and their interest in pursuing STEM careers.”

Since 2014, STARS has sought to address this issue by encouraging young women in STEM-related careers by providing resources, inspiration, and mentorship. The program also strives to improve gender equity and economic opportunities for young women in Hawaiʻi.

STARS was originally inspired by NASA’s successful summer programs for young women and has grown with support and participation by local nonprofits, STEM organizations, and companies like Caterpillar and Microsoft.


Student Testimonials

“I had astronomy as an un-achievable dream beforehand and now it seems attainable.”

“STARS really opened my eyes to how amazing certain careers I had previously overlooked can be.”

“STARS exposed me to many different STEM fields, especially on our island. I had so much fun and loved hearing from so many knowledgeable people.”

“I already was sure I was going into science, but the STARS Program boosted my confidence and excitement tremendously. It also gave me a more focused direction on where I want to be and how to get there.”

“STARS validated my feelings about going into aeronautics and becoming a pilot. It opened my mind to how much of a difference I can make in this world.”