Press Coverage


6/24/24 – Byte Marks Cafe:  Episode 826 feat. PISCES Research Director Christian Andersen

1/3/23 – Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald: UH Hilo students work on Helelani planetary rover

11/8/23 – University of Hawaiʻi News: Free symposium encourages space, STEM careers

11/12/22 – Big Island Now: Moon enthusiasts in California remotely operate planetary rover in Kailua-Kona

9/30/22 – Parabolic Arc: Masten Received NASA Contract for Lunar Surface Construction on Moon

3/4/22 – UH News: Meet the women in space exploration during free event

1/23/22 – Parabolic Arc: New Material Could Make Moon/Mars Manufacturing More Efficient

1/20/22 – Honolulu Civil Beat: Space Program Asks for More Funding

4/7/21 – NASA Funds 36 Space 3D Printing Projects—Here Are the 15 Most Exciting

4/4/21 – Parabolic Arc: Masten & PISCES Receive NASA Grant for 3D Construction

3/1/21 – Bytemarks Cafe: PISCES and Communication Drones

1/7/21 – Parabolic Arc: HALO Program Offers Remote Testing at Analog Site for Moon and Mars

1/6/21 – Parabolic Arc: New Sintering Method May Reduce Cost of ISRU Production

12/4/20 – KHON2: Modern Wahine Hawaii – Women in STEM feat. PISCES

12/2020 – Aerospace America: First in-situ resource utilization payload heads to Mars

9/2/20 – Parabolic Arc: Basalt Launch Pad tiles to Undergo Testing by NASA

9/2/20 – Inside Outer Space: Moon, Mars Launch Pads – A Touch of Hawaii

5/5/20 – Hawaii Business Magazine: Hawaii Island Business Report 2020: Growing Leaders

2/13/20 – Hawaii Business Magazine: PISCES: A Local Launch Pad into Space and Aerospace Careers

1/27/20 – Scientists are Taking a Mock Moon Mission in Hawaii

12/10/19 – Orbital Mechanics: Podcast featuring PISCES Geology Tech Kyla Edison

7/6/19 – Big Island Now: Hawaii STEM Program for Women Receives $15K

6/28/19 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald: STARS Program Receives $15K

6/25/19 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald: Camp aims to introduce girls to careers in STEM fields

2/8/19 – Weather Boy: Spaceport Plans Launch with Sparks

2/5/19 – Weather Boy: Mini Spaceport Proposed for Hawaii

12/27/18 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald: Report examines benefits, feasibility of basalt facility

12/27/18 – Composites World: New study examines Hawaii’s potential to support a basalt fiber facility

12/24/18 – Honolulu Star Advertiser: Lava rock could lay foundation for basalt industry

10/29/18 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald Stellar Job: Hilo Native Lands job with NASA lab before Graduating

7/2/18 – West Hawaii Today: To the moon: Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce looks to next 50 years

6/4/18 – Parabolic Arc: Planetary LEGO Blocks Take Shape in Hawaii

3/27/18 – Big Island Now: PISCES Accepting Apps for Women’s STARS Program

12/13/17 – Honolulu Star Advertiser: Isle Lava Could be Source of High-Tech Building Materials

12/12/17 – Pacific Business News: Hawaii Aerospace Center Seeks Proposals for Basalt Fiber Manufacturing Study

12/12/17 – Big Island Now: PISCES Seeks Proposals for Feasibility Study on Basalt Fiber Manufacturing in Hawaii

11/13/17 – Basalt Today: Rodrigo Romo, PISCES: Our research in basalts can offer benefits to Hawaii

10/8/17 – Basalt Today: NASA joined the project of testing basalts in Hawaii

8/27/17 – Big Island Now: College Students to Earn Credit Through Robotics Work

8/24/17 – Pacific Business News: Hawaii launches new credit-based college internship in robotics

7/18/17 – Big Island Video News: PISCES Gets In On $118,690 NASA Grant

7/18/17 – Pacific Business News: Hawaii aerospace center to share $119K grant from NASA

6/10/17 – Big Island Now: PISCES and DLIR Partner for Summer Internship Program

4/25/17 – Parabolic Arc: NASA Selects Honeybee Robotics for Six Small Business Awards

3/26/17 – Big Island Now: PISCES’ Summer STEM Program Receives $5K from HTDC

3/21/17 – Pacific Business News: PISCES receives $5K for summer program targeting female high schoolers

1/5/17 – Parabolic Arc: NASA Plans Further Laser Communications Tests in Hawaii

11/17/16 – Big Island Now: UH-Hilo, PISCES, NASA Prepare for Mars Mission

11/10/16 – Parabolic Arc: Construction of Protoype Lunar Base Proposed for Hawaii

11/9/16 – Honolulu Star Advertiser: Researchers Training in Hawaii to Simulate Mars Mission

11/7/16 – Inquisitr: NASA Mars Mission: Scientists Head to Hawaii to Simulate Mission Conditions

10/7/16 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald: PISCES Interns Present Aerospace Research

2/1/16 – Tech Crunch: This Roving Robot Makes its Own Martian Landing Pad

1/29/16 – Big Island Now: Community Remembers Onizuka on Challenger Anniversary

1/29/16 – Big Island Video News: Ellison Onizuka Stories Shared On 30th Anniversary Of Tragedy

1/28/16 – Honolulu Star Advertiser: Hawaii to Honor Homegrown Hero 

1/22/16 – Tech Times: This Robot Built An Entire Launch Pad

10/28/15 – Big Island Now: PISCES Unveils Basalt Landing Pad

9/24/15 – Parabolic Arc: PISCES Signs Agreement with NASA for Lunar Landing Pad Project

9/24/15 – KHON2: Scientists to develop lunar landing pad test site on Hawaii Island

9/24/15 – Big Island Now: PISCES, NASA Formalize Lunar Landing Pad Partnership

4/5/15 – Spaceflight Insider: Hawaiian Students Test ‘Lunar Dust Buster’ at NASA AMES

4/1/15 – NASA SSERVI: Hawai`i Students Partner with NASA on Dust Removal System

3/21/15 – Ryan Ozawa Blog (Bytemarks Cafe): High School Students Shoot for the Moon

3/17/15 – Hawaii News Now: High school “Moon RIDERS” take part in PISCES, NASA experiment

3/17/15 – Big Island Now: Kealakehe Students Test Lunar Landers

3/13/15 – Big Island Video News: Hawaii’s First “Lunar Sidewalk” Poured

3/13/15 – KHON2: Sidewalk made of ‘lunar concrete’ installed in downtown Hilo

3/11/15 – Honolulu Star Advertiser: Hilo sidewalk to help researchers study space infrastructure

3/1/15 – Parabolic Arc: Hawaii Legislature Considers 3 Space Measures

2/28/15 – Parabolic Arc: Hawaiian High School Students to Design Experiments for Moon Flight 

2/22/15 – SpaceRef: PISCES Announces Hawaii High Schools Selected for Student Lunar Flight Experiment

2/20/15 – KHON2:  Hawaii students collaborate with NASA on moon experiment

1/25/15 – Parabolic Arc: Hawaiian Students to Work With NASA on Lunar Surface Experiment

1/20/15 – SpaceRef: PISCES and NASA Sign Non-Reimbursable Space Act Agreement

1/16/15 – Popular Mechanics: NASA Is Building a Laser Communication Base in Hawaii

1/15/15 – Pacific Business News: NASA Selects Hawaii to Develop World’s First Laser Communications Site

10/15/14 – Hawaii 24/7: PISCES stars on ‘Mars’

8/21/14 – Hawaii 24/7: PISCES Rover Tackles First Test

7/17/14 – Big Island Now: Robotic Space Mining’s ‘World Cup’ Here Next Week

7/2/14 – Big Island Video News: $750k signed for NASA, PISCES in Hawaii

5/31/14 – Parabolic Arc: PISCES Embarks on Lunar Concrete Development Project

5/28/14 – Big Island Now: PISCES Seeking Science-Minded Young Women

4/18/14 – Big Island Now: UH-Hilo Student Awarded NASA Research Internship

2/12/14 – Parabolic Arc: PISCES Gets Rover, High-Power Optical Laser

2/9/14 – West Hawaii Today: NASA Considers New Communication Relay Station atop Mauna Loa

1/17/14 – Hawaii 24/7: PISCES Names Romo as Project Manager

12/5/13 – Parabolic Arc: PISCES Signs MOUs With Honeybee Robotics, Made in Space

10/9/13 – WN: Henk Rogers to chair Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems

9/4/13 – Big Island Now: UH Hilo Student Taking Part in Lunar Probe Mission

7/22/13 – Space News: Spotlight – Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems

6/28/13 – Parabolic Arc: PISCES Looks to Print Space Tools from Hawaii’s Lava Rocks

4/25/13 – Hawaii 24/7: PISCES Signs Six Memoranda of Understanding

11/15/12 – Hawaii 24/7: Big Plans for PISCES Program

7/19/12 – Mars Daily: NASA Conducts Mission Simulations in Hawaii

6/27/12 – Pacific Business News: Plans for Hawaii Moon Research Park to Move Ahead

2/12/10 – Hawaii 24/7: PISCES Hosts Meeting of Space Organization Research Centers

1/8/09 – How Moon Dust Could Yield Oxygen, Fuel and Water –