About Us

A New Era in Space Exploration

Humans have been captivated by the immensity of space since the dawn of time. Today, we are living in an exciting new era of space exploration where innovative technologies are turning ideas once considered the realm of science fiction into reality. Just as Polynesian voyagers boldly set out to cross vast stretches of ocean to discover what lay beyond, we are reaching ever further into the great celestial unknown. A new generation of explorers is poised to live on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Our Mission

The Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) is a research and education program of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo‘s College of Natural and Health Sciences. Founded in 2007, we develop dual-use technologies and international partnerships that sustain life beyond Earth while supporting the collective human effort of space exploration and discovery. Our research develops novel ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization) technologies that can help sustain life on the Moon and Mars—and make life here on Earth more sustainable. We also support young explorers to pursue space-related careers through STEM workshops, events, hands-on research, and technical work experience.

What We Do

  • We research and develop space exploration technologies with dual-use applications for Earth and space
  • We facilitate planetary surface testing at high-fidelity planetary analog sites
  • We collaborate in the international community of aerospace, robotics, and technology to advance space exploration
  • We seek to educate, inspire, and offer unique opportunities to students in STEM-related fields
  • We integrate our applied research and aerospace partnerships into UH Hilo curricula 
  • We support diversity and inclusion and strive to bring greater equity to the international space community

Our Vision

We envision thriving settlements on the Moon, Mars, and beyond enabled by technology and techniques that are researched and developed in Hawai’i. We see these dual-use technologies supporting sustainable living on Earth and cultivating a local workforce skilled in aerospace technology, science, and engineering while creating high-paying jobs for residents.

Projects & Programs

sintered basalt tiles


Dual-use technologies for earth and space exploration

sintered basalt tiles

Aerospace Development

Diversifiying & growing the local economy

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Internships, resources, and STEM programs for Hawaiʻi-based students