Building a Future Beyond Earth

Advancing higher education and workforce development through space technology research.
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Research & Programs

Applied Research

Researching In-Situ Resource Utilization technologies with applications for Earth and space.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in flight

Aerospace Development

Growing and diversifying Hawaiʻi’s economy through aerospace development initiatives.
Student programming a robot using a laptop

Education & Outreach

Providing opportunities for youth through internships, STEM programs and activities.

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Our Mission

The Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) is a space research and education program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo’s College of Natural & Health Sciences. We develop innovative and sustainable technologies for Earth and space while helping young explorers gain work skills through hands-on projects. 

Student Resources

astronaut floating in space above Earth waving hello

Launch a Space Career

Interested in pursuing a career in space exploration? Check out our student resource guide for a listing of local and national internships, fellowships, space programs, scholarships, and networking opportunities.

Latest News

Honolulu Community College students with their high-powered rocket.

Honolulu Community College Students Win High-Powered Rocketry Awards

Honolulu Community College students with their rocket on launch day. Credit: UH News A team of Honolulu Community College students who...
Students talk with one another at a round table.

Launch a Space Career at the 7th Annual EMER-GEN Program

Young professionals and students excited about space careers are invited to attend the 7th annual EMER-GEN program on Maui, September 15 –...
Artist rendering of a spacecraft with plasma propulsion traveling near a planet.

Plasma Rocket Propulsion Could Be the Future of Deep Space Travel

Artist rendering of a Pulsed Plasma Rocket spacecraft. Credit: Howe Industries NASA is funding the early stages of a new rocket propulsion...
Lunar Vulcans

‘Lunar Vulcans’ Claim 2nd Prize in NASA MINDS Design Challenge

(L-R) UH Hilo students Trinity Parascandola and Kamalani Poepoe Congrats to our Lunar Vulcans! The team of UH Hilo students researching...
STARS students on Mauna Loa

Applications Open for Women’s STARS Program

Above: The HI-SEAS habitat lives on the slopes of Mauna Loa at 8,200 feet above sea level. We are excited to announce the return of our...