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Researching and developing aerospace in the Aloha State while providing hands-on learning to the next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers.
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what we do


Hands-on work opportunities for Hawaii’s future scientists, engineers and explorers.


Researching & developing sustainable technologies for Earth and space exploration.


Supporting aerospace initiatives to diversify Hawaiʻi’s economy and increase jobs.


Inspiring youth through outreach  programs and events focused on STEM education.

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latest news

Water Discovered In-Situ on Moon for First Time 

Above: Chang'E-5 landing site where water was detected. Credit: CNSA/CLEP An international team of scientists including a planetary geologist at the...

UH-Designed Sensors on James Webb Telescope Will Provide Deepest Views of Universe Yet

Above: Artist rendering of the James Webb Space Telescope fully deployed in space. Credit: NASA Astronomers around the world had an especially exciting...

New Composite Material Could Make Manufacturing on the Moon and Mars More Efficient

Above: An experimental composite material for the Moon/Mars cures inside an acrylic vacuum chamber.  NASA has plans to put humans back on the...

Hawaiʻi Plays Key Role in NASA’s Next-Gen Space Comms System

Image courtesy of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Since the dawn of space exploration, spacecraft and astronauts have communicated using radio frequency...

The Moon’s top layer alone has enough oxygen to sustain 8 billion people for 100,000 years

Image: NASA This article was originally published by The Conversation. Author: John Grant, Southern Cross University Alongside advances in space exploration,...

our mission

PISCES is an aerospace development center under the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Through initiatives in workforce development, applied research and economic development, we offer hands-on work experience to the next generation of explorers, scientists and engineers, preparing them to meet the demands of a highly competitive industry while improving the local economy through job diversification, innovative products and new industries. 

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