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Aerospace research and development with hands-on learning opportunities for future scientists, explorers, and engineers.
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Our Mission

We are a research center at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo focused on additive manufacturing technology to advance space exploration and improve the local economy. Through projects in applied research and aerospace development, we serve as a launchpad to inspire and prepare kamaʻāina students for space-related careers.

What We Do

sintered basalt tiles


Researching sustainable technologies for Earth & space exploration

sintered basalt tiles


Aerospace opportunities to diversify and grow the local economy

sintered basalt tiles


Hands-on space projects and inspirational STEM programs for future explorers.

Latest News

space weather monitoring station

UH Mānoa Receives $2.5 Million for Space Weather Monitoring Station

Above: Example of a neutron monitoring station. Credit: UH News The outlook for space weather forecasts is looking bright....
supermassive blackhole

Astronomers Unveil First Image of Supermassive Black Hole at Center of Milky Way

 Above: The first image of Sagittarius A captured by the Event Horizon Telescope, a global network of observatories working in...
Christian Andersen headshot

PISCES Program Manager Named HSGC Associate Director at UH Hilo

PISCES Program Manager Christian Andersen has been named UH Hilo's associate director for the Hawaiʻi Space Grant Consortium and will...

AstroDay in East Hawaiʻi Returns May 14

Hilo's beloved AstroDay celebration of science and discovery is back! All ages are invited for a day of educational fun on Saturday, May...
ILO-X moon camera

Hawaiʻi Students Invited to Name New Lunar Camera

Image: ILOA, CSYS, Intuitive Machines The first camera to photograph the Milky Way galaxy from the surface of the Moon needs a name! Local...

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