Image credit: NASA

Attention, space enthusiasts! NASA is inviting college students and innovators to join the Universal Payload Interface Challenge (UPIC), the third installment of the exciting NASA TechLeap Prize series. If you’ve ever dreamed of contributing to space exploration, this is your chance. UPIC is all about developing a flight-ready universal payload interface, making it easier and faster to integrate diverse space payloads onto various flight vehicles. The challenge seeks solutions from eligible individuals, teams, and organizations who are passionate about space tech. NASA wants to streamline the complex process of ensuring that payloads can interface smoothly with flight vehicles.

If you’re up for the challenge, propose a universal payload interface that adapts to a range of small space-based payloads for testing aboard different commercial flight vehicles. And here’s the kicker—winners not only snag an initial award of $200,000, but also have the chance to win up to a total of $650,000 and the opportunity for a flight test of their system! If you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident aged 18 or older, gather your team, and submit your application!

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