Above: Student in the flight simulation lab at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Credit: UH Hilo/Josephine Mischon

We’d like to wish a warm congratulations to the first graduates of UH Hilo’s new Aeronautical Science Program (AERS)! This spring, David Freedman and Trek Tanabe completed all the requirements for the Bachelor of Science program and senior Kiana Burgher is only a few credits away from earning her degree.
The program offers two pathways: pilot or aerial information technology. The pilot pathway prepares students for an airline pilot career; the aerial information technology pathway offers professional certification as a commercial drone operator. AERS has resumed accepting applications for the Fall 2023 semester after being suspended during the pandemic.

“It’s so exciting to see some of our students cross the finish line and to be able to start admitting students again to this promising program,” UH Hilo Chancellor Bonnie Irwin said.

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