Above: PISCES geologist Kyla Edison discusses the composition of a piece of volcanic basalt with Mission Unstoppable co-host Danni Washington at a quarry in East Hawaii. Photo: CBS Mission Unstoppable.

Planetary geology research that could benefit the State of Hawaii and future space exploration missions was among the highlights of a weekly CBS TV show last month. Mission Unstoppable, an educational show for teens that highlights and celebrates women working in STEM careers, featured PISCES geology technician Kyla Edison and her work in Hawaiian basalt research.

Show co-host Danni Washington met Kyla at an East Hawaii quarry to discovery how she samples, breaks down and analyzes basalt rock used in sintering (or melting) for in-situ resource applications. The episode aired Saturday, April 27, and is viewable online at CBS All Access.

Kyla’s basalt research at PISCES provides a conceptual solution for constructing settlements beyond Earth using native resources while also developing a durable building material that could benefit Hawaii’s local economy.