‘Iolani High School’s Moon RIDERS participants pose for a picture.

Recently, ‘Iolani High School’s Moon RIDERS participants visited with lunar scientists G. Jeffrey Taylor and Paul Lucey at the Hawaii Institute for Geophysics and Planetology.

During their visit, the high school students received input and ideas from the scientists and were able to examine lunar samples from the Apollo Missions. They also had a chance to compare actual lunar regolith or “soil” with the several simulates that they hope to use in planning their experiment.

The Moon RIDERS (Research Investigating Dust Expulsion Removal Systems) program is put on by PISCES and NASA for Hawaii high school students.

Participating students from Kealakehe High School in Kailua-Kona and`Iolani High School in Honolulu are given a chance to participate in a real-life lunar flight experiment to be flown to the surface of the Moon.