Image Credit: The Earthrise Space Foundation

Meet Sagan, an ambitious robot who dreams of traveling to the Moon. But he needs help getting there. To help make Sagan’s dream a reality, one of our partners, the Earthrise Space Foundation, has launched an educational campaign to literally bring him to life, turn his story into a reality, and most importantly, have children be a central part of his lunar journey.

Under this innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) project, Earthrise will:

  • Build Sagan, the next generation lunar rover prototype, which is also the main character of the book that the Earthrise Space Foundation is creating.
  • Sagan’s Quest – A Robot’s Journey to the Moon – will introduce children to many STEM concepts. This in turn will motivate children to pursue their dreams and become more motivated about studying and pursuing STEM related topics.
  • Maintain the Foundation’s facilities which serves as a collaborative platform for high school and college students.
  • Continue to guide students to become STEM Leaders and Technical Entrepreneurs through hands-on experience.

Help Sagan reach his final lunar destination by donating to the Earthrise Space Foundation’s IndieGoGo campaign! Click below for more information. Mahalo in advance for your support!