PISCES is excited to announce that it has expanded its list of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s) to eleven, after officially partnering with Honeybee Robotics and Made In Space.

The signing took place at the PISCES Board of Director’s meeting on October 6th in Honolulu – the day before the Hawaii Aerospace Summit.

Honeybee Robotics is based in New York and specializes in advanced robotic and spacecraft systems. The company has worked on over 100 projects with NASA, and is widely known for developing the first machine ever to gain access to the interior of rocks on another planet.
This machine is called the Rock Abrasion Tool, or RAT, and was used on both of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers, named ‘Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’.

Made In Space is based in Northern California and specializes in additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. The company’s goal is develop the world’s very first 3D printer that can be launched and used in space. A prototype is now undergoing the flight certification process.

PISCES will partner with Honeybee Robotics and Made In Space on 3D laser printing projects.