A new spaceflight startup called The Space Perspective aims to provide high altitude flight experiences to paying customers aboard a custom built capsule tethered to a stratospheric balloon. While operations will be focused on paying customers who wish to experience the incredible view of the stratosphere, the company also intends to support scientific research and education-related projects. The company anticipates each capsule will complete about 50 flights per year, and each launch site will conduct 100 flights per year. The first unmanned test flights are set to begin in 2021 with fully commercial operations launching in four to five years. The company is currently seeking locations to establish flight center operations, headquarters and manufacturing facilities, and has expressed interest in Hawaii. They anticipate a combined workforce for their space flight operations center and manufacturing facility to be about 200 employees with average salaries over $60,000 per year.

An artist rendering of “Shapeship Neptune”  with passengers overlooking Earth. Credit: The Space Perspective