We are building and investing in long-term economic development strategies to bring more job opportunities and increased revenue to the State of Hawaii through aerospace. Hawaii is well-suited for certain sectors of the Aerospace industry; the unique geographic position and geological makeup of the islands present the opportunity for a new high-tech, high-paying Aerospace sector.  We envision high-technology research and development projects that will fuel industries and products with practical applications on Earth and in space. 


PISCES, together with the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory, has prepared a whitepaper outlining economic development and recovery opportunities in Aerospace for the State of Hawaii.


Small Vehicle Launch Operations

Hawaii’s advantageous geographic position near the equator makes it among the best locations for small satellite orbital launches in the U.S. 

UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Operations 

A private company is looking to set up operations in Hawaii that will provide on-ground telecommunications services through a network of UAS aircraft flying at high altitude.  

Space Tourism

Spaceflight startup The Space Perspective is planning to launch space tours aboard a stratospheric balloon and wants to establish a launch site in Hawaii. 

Laser Communication Ground Station 

In collaboration with the State of Hawaii and private companies, PISCES is facilitating the development of a Laser Communication Ground Station in Hawaii to support the next generation of space communication technologies. 

Basalt Fiber Manufacturing

In 2017, PISCES contracted a market feasibility study to research the financial viability of building a Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF) manufacturing facility in Hawaii County.

Innovation and Manufacturing Center

PISCES is part of a working group to create an Innovation and Manufacturing Center (IMC) in East Hawaii to grow and support the local technology sector.

Moon Base Prototype

The International MoonBase Alliance is an association comprised of leading scientists, educators and entrepreneurs from space agencies and industries worldwide to advance the development and implementation of a prototype lunar base in Hawaii.