Hawaiʻi’s volcanic basalt can be refined and processed to create a durable, heat-resistant product called Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF). Similar to carbon fiber and fiberglass, CBF produces flame-retardant fabrics, corrosion-resistant rebar and other materials without the use of any additives. 

We have been researching methods for using Hawaiian basalt as an ISRU (in-situ resource utilization) feedstock to create sustainable materials for Earth and space. Hawaiʻi’s basalt meets the specific chemical profile needed to manufacture CBF. Globally, CBF manufacturing is valued at around $100 million (as of 1019) and expected to double in the coming decade.



In 2017, we contracted a state-funded market feasibility study to determine the viability of a CBF manufacturing operation on Hawaiʻi Island. Completed by defense and aerospace consulting firm SMA in March 2018, the report outlines: 

  • The current global market demand for CBF
  • Manufacturing capabilities throughout the world
  • The average market price for CBF products
  • The estimated cost to build and operate a CBF plant on Hawaiʻi Island
  • A business model to operate a CBF facility
  • The estimated cost comparison between CBF manufactured in Hawaiʻi and other places in the world
  • The potential number of jobs and wages a CBF facility would provide

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