Students talk with Almudena Azcarate Ortego of the U.N. Institute for Disarmament Research during the 2022 EMER-GEN program. Credit: MEDB/EMER-GEN

Students and young professionals who are excited about space careers have a fantastic opportunity to receive mentorship and develop new skills and knowledge in the space domain. The 6th Annual EMER-GEN program hosted by the AMOS Conference introduces participants to renowned space specialists from the public and private sectors, and NGOs. The program also offers excellent networking opportunities with peers and experts, technical short courses, and professional development sessions. Scholarships are available for Hawaiʻi-based attendees.

  • Pre-event webinars: Aug. 30
  • Main event: Sept. 17 – 19
  • Location: Maui, Hawaiʻi

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