When eight of the world’s best and brightest women working in space exploration come together, magic happens. The first Women in Space Exploration (WiSE) Talks series hosted by PISCES featured a full week of virtual presentations covering our solar system, robotic exploration systems, closed-loop habitats for off-world living, and future plans for human space missions.

Sponsored by Microsoft and Hawaii Science and Technology Museum, the event aimed to engage and inspire young women to pursue space and related STEM careers. Though the talks were open for everyone to attend, young women were given priority during Q&A sessions. Questions poured at the conclusion of each talk, and the younger audiences showed interest and engagement regarding the work and personal journey of each presenter featured (listed below).

  • Miriam Fuchs, Astrophysicist and WiSE Talks Host
  • Jessica Dempsey, Deputy Director at East Asian Observatory/JCMT
  • Nagin Cox, Spacecraft Ops. Engineer at NASA JPL
  • Emily Calandrelli, Science TV Host and MIT Engineer
  • Sara Langberg, Engineer at AeroVironment
  • Monsi Roman, Microbiologist and Program Manager for Centennial Challenges at NASA JSC
  • Amanda Hendrix, Sr. Planetary Scientist at the Planetary Institute
  • Barbara Belvisi, CEO and Founder of Interstellar Lab

In light of the program’s success, PISCES plans to continue the WiSE Talks series to provide greater access to valuable learning opportunities and career resources for students as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.

“The WiSE Talks were truly inspiring,” said Mark Dowd, a digital advisor at Microsoft and key supporter for the WiSE Talks program. “All the participating women space professionals delivered exciting and impactful presentations throughout the week. Clearly STEM is cool!”

For those who missed the talks or wish to review them, recordings for the full series are available to view on the WiSE Talks webpage. Educators or nonprofits interested in utilizing the recordings for educational purposes should inquire through our contact page.