Graphic courtesy of Basalt.Today.

PISCES Program Director Rodrigo was among a group of select representatives invited to speak at the Second International Basalt Forum at the Moscow Polytechnic University from Nov. 15 to 17, 2017. Attending the conference remotely, Romo introduced PISCES’ work in ISRU basalt manufacturing, and the idea of a continuous basalt fiber manufacturing operation in Hawaii.

Romo’s presentation sparked the interest of several companies producing basalt fiber products and manufacturing equipment for basalt fiber, as well as engineering firms who could potentially conduct the PISCES-led market feasibility study for a basalt fiber operation in Hawaii.

In addition to networking opportunities, the three-day forum provided a platform to discuss basalt industry developments, opportunities, challenges and technological solutions between allied companies and organizations. Some 500 companies attended the conference which featured 35 speakers from around the world.