The Moon. Credit: NASA

Many questions, policies and treaties have surfaced since the beginning of space exploration.

Since the 1950’s, there’s been one committee that’s attempted to tackle the issues of space. Known as the “Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space” or COPUOUS, the group aims to negotiate how to use space peacefully.

According to a recent article, a space treaty was signed during the 1960s with several focal points regarding space, including:

  • Space is free for all nations to explore, and sovereign claims cannot be made. Space activities must be for the benefit of all nations and humans.
  • Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction are not allowed in Earth orbit, on celestial bodies or in other outer-space¬†locations.
  • Individual nations are responsible for any damage their space objects cause. Individual nations are also responsible for all governmental and nongovernmental activities conducted by their citizens. These states must also “avoid harmful contamination” due to space activities.

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