The Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) is pleased to welcome two additional interns this summer.

Ashley Garnett, a Big Island native, and geology major at the University of Hawai’i Kyla Defore will be joining our team in hopes of expanding their knowledge and expertise in Earth and space science.

Ashley is currently a junior at the University of Hawai’i where she is majoring in geology with a minor in Earth and space science. She hopes to one day become a planetary geologist.

“I chose geology as my major because of my desire to learn about our planet Earth. I also believe if we have a better understanding of Earth’s geological processes we can better understand exoplanets,” she says.

Ashley adds she has always been intrigued by space.

“From the first time I saw a shooting star I was fascinated with the universe above. I couldn’t stop wondering and dreaming of all the possibilities that await us,” she says.

Kyla is also fascinated by space and is particularly interested in Martian terrain and morphological processes involving surface water. Born on Kaua’i, Kyla has spent much of her life traveling around from the Middle East to Waco, Texas where she attended a community college. Kyla later moved back to Hawai’i to get in touch with her native culture and study geology.

“I probably became interested in geology because I grew up traveling around the world and experiencing many different environments.  I have always been interested in space exploration, and it is something I am very passionate about,” she says.

Congratulations Kyla and Ashley and welcome to PISCES!